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Social media marketing is a relatively new but extremely popular concept that involves using social media sites to attract the attention of internet users and also to gain website traffic.

Generally, the campaigns are specially formulated with the objective of creating web content which not only attracts the attention of social media users, but also encourages them to share such content with others on social networking sites.

The most effective tools that can be used in social media marketing

There are 11 main tools that are extremely effective when used in social media marketing for Stoke support. They include;

Social media measurement/ monitoring

This involves actively monitoring social media channels such as blogs, user generated content, wikis, message boards, news sites, forums, photo/ video sharing websites, social networking sites as well as micro-blogging sites to establish the opinions and volume of online conversations concerning certain topics or brands.

Social network aggregation

It’s a popular tool that is used in gathering content from various social networking sites e.g. Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Vimeo, Flickr, Chaino and LinkedIn into unified presentations.

Other tools that are also effective in social media marketing are;

Social bookmarking Using brand ambassadors Social analytics Validation Social media mining Blog marketing Social network analysis Social media Automation.  You may want to even get yourself a Professional Website!  Check out UR Affordable Design Team they look to have the best affordable web design Baton Rouge has to offer!

The ten golden rules

There are 10 golden rules that must be observed in order to ensure that social media marketing for stoke support is effective. They are;

Listening- a campaign can only be successful if there’s minimum ��talking’ and maximum ��listening’. Quality- emphasis should always be placed on quality instead of quantity. Having 1,000 social media users who read and then share your content is better than having 10, 000 social media users who come across your content but ignore it completely. Focus- a campaign that is focused on achieving specific set of objectives is generally more successful than one which intends to achieve anything and everything.

The other golden rules include;

Rule of patience. Rule of reciprocity. Rule of compounding. Rule of accessibility. Rule of influence. Rule of acknowledgement. Rule of value.

Social networking sites that can be used in marketing

There are a wide range of social media sites which can be used in marketing campaigns. Some of them are listed below.


It allows individuals/ organizations to promote their services/ products in brief messages (maximum of 140 characters), which then appear on home pages of followers.


Facebook allows clients to display videos, testimonials, photos and detailed descriptions of their commodities, and also allows posting of comments by other parties. Approximately 94% of all profit and not-for profit organizations in USA conduct their promotions using Facebook.


The platform has ability of integrating with Google search engine, thus allowing users to efficiently promote their products/ services at absolutely no cost.

Google+ can play significant roles in digital marketing campaigns because it provides for navigation services, targeted advertising techniques as well as other methods of location-based promotion and marketing.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site which allows companies/ individuals to generate professional profiles for purposes of networking. Members can use widgets to promote their activities on their respective LinkedIn profile pages.

Other social media sites that are available in many countries across the world are; Yelp, Tumblr, Foursquare, blogs, Instagram, YouTube and Social Bookmarking Sites (e.g. Delicious, Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon).


Website reports

This essentially involves establishing the number of visits, customers and leads to particular websites from specific social channels. For instance, the Google Analytics tool can be used to track devices used, demographics and other characteristics of website visitors.  You can even get better metrics with seo for your Social Media and Website!  I would recommend the save company I told you about UR Affordable Design Team because they have some of the best monthly rates that I have ever seen and they have been doing seo in Baton Rouge for over 5 years!

Virality and reach

Facebook and other social networking sites can provide vital information such as how large audiences are as well as their activities.

Return on investment

ROI can be established by making comparisons between marketing analytic values and CRM/ contact databases, or between connect marketing efforts and sales activities through Baton Rouge Seo.

Customer response rates

Ethical concerns

The code-of-ethics that usually governs traditional marketing techniques can be applied to social media marketing. However, this can be very challenging and complicated because the latter has greater outreach.

It’s important for individuals and/or organizations who/ which embrace social media marketing to exercise honesty, avoid breeching users’ privacy (e.g. using the private information of consumers for financial gain), accept responsibility in case of any mishaps or mistakes, avoid false advertising and also respect the dignity of people in shared online communities.

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